Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arcana addendum

Forgot to point out that Lambskin also finishes with

Cowan, Skidoo!

It ends the way it started, and starts the way it ends.

Skidoo = Get Out = a banishing.

Starting with a banishing and closing with another banishing follows the same form as a magical ritual or service. In magick, the first banishing is meant to clear and cleanse the space of any inner or outer distractions so that the focus can be on the intention of the operation. The final banishing is actually meant to banish the space of the ritual, to return to common place, everyday, knock on wood reality.

This is why it's really rather easy to Get Out of personality, ego, and limiting belief systems because you know that it's only for a set period of time, and for a specific purpose. You also know that a very necessary part of closing the Experiment will be to banish that Alternate Reality and return to (take rebirth in) the comfort zone of material reality - what Qabalists call Malkuth - perhaps a little wiser for the experience.

Musicians who are making music, not generating sound vibration cliche, do this all the time when they play. They instinctively understand that it's ok to take their music where it wants to go because it's only for an agreed upon period of time.

The second banishing makes it ok for skeptics to temporarily drop their skepticism if they wish for a taste of gnosis themselves instead of remaining only skeptical of it. Gnosis doesn't establish certainty but it does make a convincing case against absolute skepticism of anything outside what we already know about the so-called laws of nature.

Balanced skepticism appears invaluable and essential for keeping one psychologically centered and grounded. Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger Volume I is the best example I know of in print of someone with this kind of critical skepticism balanced against great flexibility with temporarily dropping skepticism for gnostic experiments.

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