Thursday, February 2, 2023

25th Series of Univocity

Deleuze gives his ontology in this series as Univocity or Univocal Being. "The univocity of Being signifies that Being is Voice, that it is said, and that it is said in one and the same "sense" of everything about which it is said." This sense is that of the eternal return.

With the affirmation of divergence and disjunction as a positive synthesis, the problem has changed. It no longer appears as the alogical compatibility or incompatibility of events between each other. All events are compatible with other events. They only become incompatible with individuals, persons, or worlds. The problem now gets stated as: "knowing how the individual would be able to transcend his form and his syntactical link to a world in order to attain to the universal communication of events." Further study on Univocity can be found in Difference and Repetition, p. 35 - 42 and p. 303-304 Columbia edition. Delezue ends Difference and Repetition discussing univocal being and the eternal return.