Sunday, June 19, 2022

Ninth Series of the Problematic

 What is the ideal event? Different kinds of singularities. Singularities as inflection or turning points as demonstrated in the structure of The Logic of Sense. Events as singularities. "Events are ideal." Reversing Platonism by substituting events for essences. The problematic is the mode of the event. Requires a new relationship between mathematics and humans. Lewis Carroll's recreational mathematics.

The Dynamics of a Parti-cle . Lewis Carroll LSD quote. Events relate with each other in series in The Event. The paradoxical element as the locus of a question. Difference of problem and question and how they relate to each other. Example of James Joyce grounding the Problematic with the Inquisitory. "The question is developed in problems, and the problems are enveloped in a fundamental question."

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