Monday, June 13, 2022

Eight Series of Structure

Describes the structure of how sense gets produced as well as providing a clue to the structure of the book. Defines structuralism according to Claude Levi-Strauss: the dual series of signifier and signified and the paradoxical element - the empty place - that circulates between the two series allowing them to communicate. Looks at the dual series of language/knowledge, society/primitivism, political & economic totalities/technical progress, totalitarianism/reformism. Defines the terms of a series as singularities. Defines experiential structure as that which enables you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The wikipedia article on Claude Levi-Strauss gives some background and context to Deleuze's remarks and quotes from him.


  1. The part about Robinson reminded me of PR chapter 13, when RAW talks about "the proverbial Englishman who dressed for dinner every night in his lonely tropical hut".
    Is there such a proverb or saying, or was RAW referring to the Robinson Crusoe book?

    Calling Friday "the other island" reminded me of the Clement Atlee quote from the same PR chapter that we just finished over at rawillumination, "the peoples of the Earth are islands shouting at each other over oceans of misundersdtanding."
    I find that it all fits nicely with the expression "reality-island" found in PR.

    Thank you for yet another nice video, Oz.

  2. Thanks Spookah, great comparison's with PR! I believe RAW referred to Robinson Crusoe which seems to have entered into the lexicon as am archetype.