Monday, July 4, 2022

Fifteenth Series of Singularities

 In this series Deleuze sets forth his transcendental field of impersonal, pre-individual singularities, the basis of how things come into existence. Singularities, events and sense appear synonymous terms. Singularities correspond to the heterogenous series which form systems. Potential energy is the energy of the pure event whereas forms of actualization correspond to the realization of the event. Sense haunts the surface. Compares his transcendental field to Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Fourth Person Singular which comes from his poem To the Oracle at Delphi thus alluding to the magical nature of this field.

Deleuze also compares his transcendental field to Nietzsche's Dionysian will to power, power in the sense of the ability to act/create, not political power. Nietzsche made the groundless speak.

Uses the battle as an example of an Event comprised of many smaller events, it's impassability or neutrality. The example of a soldier on the edge of death losing all identity and becoming part of the pure Event. The two moments of sense, impassibility and genesis, or neutrality and productivity.

Ferlinghetti reading To the Oracle at Delphi

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