Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raga Bop Trio

Just received a cd of one of the more musically adventurous recordings I had the pleasure of participating in last year, the Raga Bop Trio featuring Steve Smith on drums and konnakol, George Brook on sax, and Prasanna on guitar.

From their website:

The music of The Raga Bop Trio is unique in that the group’s direction is grounded in jazz, with its focus on groove, atmosphere and harmonic adventure, yet also deeply rooted in the rhythmic and melodic traditions of Indian classical music.

Both George and Prassana are well versed in classical Indian music. Brook's sax tone is rich, warm, and full of life. Prassana's sound and virtuoso playing is more recognizably Indian. He incorporates elements from south Indian Carnetic music. Steve Smith is just simply one of the best jazz drummers I've ever recorded.

The cd is scheduled for public release on July 20. Raga Bop Trio plans to tour later in the fall.

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