Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Seal Club

Had the pleasure of working with a great up and coming new band called BABY SEAL CLUB this past weekend at Prairie Sun. Their music draws upon an eclectic array of influences including Frank Zappa, the energy of aesthetic punk bands like the B52's or the Talking Heads, and their own sense of highly devolved quirkiness. I'm told their live shows are very theatrical due in large part to their surrealistic, neo-psychedelic costumes, and a serious commitment to whimsical fun and good humor.

Band members include: Fudo on guitar and vocals, Choklit Chanteusse on percussion and vocals, Whizzbang holding down the low end on bass guitar and vocals, the infamous Agent Nineteen on keys and guitar, and the omni-rhythmic Doc Ward on the drum kit.

Baby Seal Club won the 2009 North Bay Music Award for best indie band. With their new cd in production, it won't be long before the entire known Universe, and even parts of the Unknown Universe tunes in and turns on to their adventurous sound.


  1. Oz, you did an amazing job working on their music. Those drums, oh man, I think they were the best sounding drums I have heard during tracking.

  2. Thanks, Arno. You can't go wrong with a good drummer and a good studio.