Tuesday, April 19, 2022

First Series of Paradoxes of Pure Becoming

 This video looks at the first chapter of Gilles Deleuze's The Logic of Sense. In this chapter we are introduced to the two Alice books by Lewis Carroll and their involvement with a special category of things called events. Events appear co-extensive with pure becoming. Next we discover how Plato's philosophy of ideal forms limits, pauses and provides rests for pure becoming. We examine some coding in the form of the chapter and relate pure becoming to the Thelemic axiom, "the only stability is change." A bias for finding in this philosophy the metaphysics for magick gets revealed.


  1. "pulling a judo move on Platonism" is an awesome expression.
    I am curious as to which is this book you mention that deals with philosphies inspired by Alice ?

    1. Spookah, the book is "Philosophers in Wonderland" edited by Peter A. French. Subtitled "Philosophy and Psychical Research." I got it from a used occult book list.