Thursday, May 7, 2020


The debut album by Maitreya Wolf is now OUT!

Available for preview and download HERE.

The music is shamanic and invocational.  Every recording session had the contemplative focus found in a sacred Temple.  The space was always cleansed and consecrated beforehand clearing the way for the descent of the music. Maitreya reaches deep into her Being to express her Truth through these songs with some assistance from a small circle of close friends.  The music will touch and resonate with anyone on the path of gnothi seauton, Self-discovery.

Hypnotic, ego-dissolving, trance-inducing, primal, delicate, passionate, pastoral, joyful are just a few descriptors that map out the wealth of atmospheric territory found in these sparse, intimate arrangements.  

Alpha and omega, I had the honor and pleasure of engineering this production from beginning to end.  One story gives an example of the sanctuary space found on this album.  I was digging around behind the console in one studio wiring something up when I heard a crash behind me.  I had accidentally knocked over a tall, delicate, wood totem that looked liked it had been hand carved in the South Seas.  It split in half.  I took the two pieces outside to avoid further damage.  A few minutes later as I was still furtively running about getting the session up, I noticed Maitreya doing healing passes over the damaged statue praying for its living spirit.  All the music on Fertile Darkness expresses different forms of that aesthetic, that healing awareness. 

Here is what Maitreya wrote to describe the music:

There is an initiation woven into the fibers of every persons life.  We may or may not recognize it when it comes to shake our world to its foundations, but it always comes.  Life demands of us our greatest beauty, strength, heart and soul, and will stop at nothing to forge us into the greatest possible expression of our souls unique being.  I was drawn into my initiation unexpectedly and with great force and have dedicated my whole being to walking that path well ever since.  These songs are the fruits of that journey.  I have harvested the medicine from my time in the fertile darkness of my own being and I offer it to you now as a gift and a blessing for your journey of Life.

Beauty feeds the soul.  May you be well nourished on your singular odyssey


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