Thursday, July 26, 2018

MaMuse: prayers for freedom

The properly musical content of music is plied by becomings-woman, becomings-child, becomings animal; however, it tends, under all sorts of influences, having to do also with the instruments, to become progressively more molecular in a kind of cosmic lapping through which the inaudible makes itself heard and the imperceptible appears as such; no longer the songbird, but the sound molecule. 

 - Deluze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus p. 248

The songbird becomes the sound molecule and retains its songbird life in the process.  Looked at in this way, we see an illustration visually and beautifully demonstrating this aesthetic with the front cover of the new album by MaMuse: prayers for freedom. The sound molecules expressed in their new music react and combine in alchemically significant ways.

Original artwork by Fiona Morehouse, Graphic Design by Lion Touch Design

The human design has three basic components or "bodies," sometimes called neurocircuits: the physical, the emotional and the mental.  I am greatly oversimplifying to make a point.  The physical body grows, develops and gets nurtured through food, water and sunlight. The mental body grows by learning things, taking in information and ideas etc.  Art, in particular music, nurtures, develops and grows the emotional body. Just like the physical body and the mind, the heart grows with good input, exercise and use.

To encourage that organ to grow and become stronger, to become mighty in its application, if music is what moves you, then I highly recommend a sustained cycle of prayers for freedom on an endless loop. To repeat: The sound molecules expressed in this music react and combine in alchemically significant ways.

You can get prayers for freedom HERE 

MaMuse is a folk/gospel duo consisting of Karisha Longaker and Sarah Nutting. Their sound on this new offering is fleshed out by new and old friends that include Mike Wofchuck on drums and percussion, Walter Strauss on guitar and production, and The Thrive Choir. Prayers for freedom is their best album yet.  I was honored to record a lot of it.

The best description of the nature of these sound molecules is in their own words from the MaMuse bandcamp site.  Also quite relevant to the music is their dedications and consecrations given in the cd liner notes.

The Muses have been generous with us in this particular set of songs for this album. We have been inspired to pull through powerful anthems for freedom and justice, soul filled serenades of generosity and kindness, playful explorations of presence and wonder, heartfelt melodies of grief and tenderness, and my goodness!!!  …. Rushing Rivers FULL of songs For the Love of Water!

From Karisha:

Praise for bikes, and Praise for hands in soil
Praise for seeds and seeds of heartfelt reparations,
daring to grow us stronger in our interconnectedness
Praise for poetry and harmony, dance and artfulness in action,
may they continue to unlock the prison of ignorance within us
and illuminate the embodied beauty way.
May this musical offering join the momentous gathering
taking place deep within our rivers and straems,
ready to ride the ways of our painful past right on down to the glorious ocean
of our children's future.

From Sarah:

Prayers for Freedom arrive in dreams, they are the laughter of children, the ripples on
currents sourced from depths unseen.  Let us eddy into kindness with a COURAGE
FIERCE and GRACE FILLED, unravelling all that is here in our collective wounding; and
may LOVE be the swords we yeild.
I need my feet on the Earth, for to be resourced
I need my hands in yours, for the strength to continue forth...
I believe in YOU. I believe in ME
I believe in these SONGS...
a simple and powerful offering.
May they do their parts in the arc of reclaiming the beauty within
in harmony with the reparations that are needed to connect us all as KIN.
And may we tend the fires of our WILD SELVES with
Know that I am here with you.

One aspect of MaMuse that I always appreciate at their concerts is their subtle confrontation with the subject of death and related matters.  This aspect is beautifully captured here with the song, Soul Sister:

Soul sister
I so believe in you
Soul sister
Though this water is wide
Oh sister,
This grief and pain are true
I am here with you
and I will see you through to the other side.

And in conclusion:

Unfold your ranks and waft yourselves apart,
That I may guess what pearl is at the heart,
What dew-drop glistens on the crown gold-wrought
Within the chalice of your coiled cohort!

- Aleister Crowley, The Blind Prophet, Equinox Volume 1 Number V

Enjoy these crystal-like molecules of sound and join in with these prayers for freedom.

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