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Prosperity Path Metaprogramming Orbs

I've mentioned these before, now it's time for an update.  Prosperity Path orbs are computer video game-like environments created by E.J. Gold and his team of designers.  They were made and play back on the G.O.D.D.(Gamemaker Of Diabolical Distinction) engine. 

For me, these runs through alternate cyberspace worlds represent the leading edge of bardo/magick/consciousness technology.  There are currently over a hundred orbs with a variety of intentions anywhere from simply feeling better to promoting world peace or helping someone transition into the afterlife; learn how to fly or astral project.  They don't take a lot of time either.  It's unusual to do a run for more than 10 minutes though a few of them can go awhile.  Several orbs take 2 - 3 minutes or less.

What follows are rough notes I've made from recent research.  I've been working with these daily for about 2 and 1/2 years.

It helps to adopt the viewpoint that these worlds have their own reality as valid and  meaningful as anything else.  You, the player, are out of body, but your avatar is your body in that world so try to experience the cyberworld as your avatar does and realize that what happens to your avatar happens to you.  Enter that virtual reality.  A page called How to Run a Prosperity Path Level  expands on this.

These orbs can be studied like Tarot cards.  Some people have written detailed books on the symbolism in the Tarot even going so far as to examine details of the card with a magnifying glass.  The P.P. orbs can yield much information when observed with the same attention to detail.  Sometimes the orbs read like a 3D Tarot card.  

The first important action at the beginning is to name the player who will run the orb.  It can be yourself or someone else.  It's common to run levels for other people. It sends them good wishes at the subatomic quantum level.

The Buddha Is in the Park

I was setting up to mix a project when the tragic news arrived of a death in the band.  I had my laptop with me and immediately ran the Clear Light orb for him.  Observing the graphics, the assistant engineer remarked, " Cool, a spiritual video game."

Buddha, in classic repose, turns up again and again in these game modules.  It helps to have some familiarity with the symbols encountered.   Anyone who has studied Buddhism of any kind or just read about it will be reminded of something when seeing these images.  Strong mood of Buddhaspace whatever that means to you.  My Buddhism got recently recharged reading Kerouac:

As thinking nothing of herself, a mother's love unfolds and cherishes her only son, so now through the world let they compassion move, and cover everyone.

Even robbers will permeate with stream of loving thought unfailing; and forth from them proceeding, enfold and permeate the whole wide world with constant thoughts of loving-kindness, ample, expanding, full of divine approval, joyously free from enmity, free from all suspicious fear.  Yea, verily, thus my disciples, thus must you school yourselves.

 - Jack Kerouac, Wake Up  - A Life of the Buddha

Kerouac's ecstatic description of Buddhism in general (not only the quote above) resembles Crowley's theurgic magick in some ways.

The Buddha is in the park in the Peace orb.  Actually there are 11 Buddhas in 4 different park areas.  

You start out facing a large, broad and deep park environment, very green and woody, lots of trees and foliage, that has 6 Buddhas, 3 on each side, just before the entrance to the light wash corridor on the other side.  On the right is the entrance to a park with two fountains spraying water in front of three Buddhas.  To the left is another park housing a single large Buddha with white light water falls on either side.  All the spaces have audio clues, you hear the water flowing out of the fountains and waterfalls along with the sound of  the outdoors.  Behind you is a fourth park area with a large Buddha statue set in the middle of a pond.  In the far corners on either side are floating bezels with images worth checking out.  Shining emptiness of pure femininity.  

I began running this level for the Gaza strip last summer after hearing about too many horrific acts of war happening there.  They finally figured out a lasting ceasefire about a week to ten days after running Peace every day.  It's a coincidence to be sure, but I'll take it.  I felt a strong connection with both Israel and Palestine from working and making friends with people who lived there only a few months before the unrest.  You can run orbs for places that cover large populations as well as running them for individuals or yourself.

Prosperity Path Magick

In all of the Cleansing orbs and in some of the Specialty levels you'll see a rotating CUBE on a pedestal that when you tag it says

 "Your matrix attunement was successful, COUPLING FACTOR is in." 

A tuning into the nonlocal circuit where communication occurs instantly and magick takes place, perhaps the subatomic world of quantum physics.  Technically coupling factor means:

Depending on the distance between the transmit and receive coils, only a fraction of the magnetic flux generated by the transmitter coil penetrates the receiver coil and contributes to the power transmission. The more flux reaches the receiver, the better the coils are coupled. The grade of coupling is expressed by the coupling factor k


'Coupling factor is in' means the connection exists between the player and something beyond the player (the matrix) that allows change to occur according to will.  Coupling factor also relates to the esoteric idea that one requires a mediator of some kind to experience absolute reality.  In qabalistic terms this mediator exists in the domain of Tiphareth, the central sephira on the Tree of Life.  Cubes have 6 sides and the key number for Tiphareth is 6.  The cubes in these orbs have 9 circular ports on  4 sides, not the top or bottom, making a total of 36 rotating ports.  36 = 6 x 6 and herein lies another clue.  A coupla sixes.  Also, Buddha is a character from Tiphareth so all the Buddhas encountered could be seen as coupling factors or mediators.

At the bottom of the screen in every game are two rows of attributes that increase or decrease as you go through.  Qualities such as: Protect, Healing, Shakti, Clarity, Endurance, Karma, etc. etc.  These will vary from level to level.  As a whole it's called a Heads Up Display ( HUD) which is "any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints"  Many of the levels have a point that triggers a full HUD i.e. all attributes automatically set to maximum.

Above the entrance to the final wind-up in the Clear Light orb is a sign that says: "Have You Spent Your Life Wisely?"  I can't see how this question wouldn't arise in anyone's life at some point especially as one gets older.  Wisely adds to 121. 121 = 11 x 11.  11 is the general number of magick, energy tending to change.

The Black and White Cats

In many of the orbs, at the end of the run, you see a target image like a Buddha, a Lady in White, or a large Crystal that represents the finish.  On either side of this final image, posted like sentries, is a black and a white cat.  In other orbs, the remedy orbs for instance, the cats are stationed in front of the woman who tells you that you're out of body and to choose an astral body.  The cats also turn up on pedestals in one of the chambers on the run.  I associate these cats with the black and white sphinx's that pull the Chariot in the Golden Dawn Tarot.  The way I see it, these sphinxes or cats signify the animal component of the body/mind complex that when harnessed and going in the same direction provides the power or motive force to drive the Chariot.  Crowley modifies the card to include four sphinx to represent the 4 lower centrums, the physical, emotional, intellectual and the social.  It never hurts to read up on the Chariot card in Crowley's Book of Thoth for major info on the Work.  He called the Chariot the formula of the aeon of Horus, in other words, a guiding set of instructions for enabling the fruits of this age, Life, Love, Liberty and Light.  The path of the Chariot connects Geburah with Binah, Horus with the Mother, the sephira of force and fire with the one of Universal Emptiness.  The black and white cats that you have to run past to get to the end or the ones in front of the Astral Body Guide all seem to indicate that it's necessary to go through and past the animal nature to get to the higher levels; no other way to do it.

Color Radiation

Gold once remarked offhand that the colors found in these levels have a significant effect.  One of the coolest orbs, in the sense of cooling down, is called Panic.  This level invokes for me the element Water more than any other even though you see lots of water in many orbs.  I suspect the particular shade of blue used has something to do with that along with the solo flute music that plays.  I also like taking a dip in the huge fountain at one end. 

Many of the Cleansing and Specialty orbs end with a run down a light wash corridor.  I call it a light wash because the first time I saw it was in a level called Karma Wash.  The light corridor is set up like a car wash where you proceed through rows of different colored, bright intense lights.  It even has a car wash soundscape.  It can be interesting to stop at the end of the light corridor, don't go into the very last chamber where the run ends, but hold the space bar and go through the light corridor in reverse.  When you move forward through it again it seem  that much more intense.  There's a very intense light tunnel of a different kind about 1/3rd as long in the Conflict orb.  A large sign that says LIFT marks the entrance.  Going back and forth through it a few times can be effective.

Immerse yourself in the light from yours and the avatar's points of view.  One of my favorite orbs is Six Worlds which not only gives the feeling of flying, but also provides an experiential education into the Six Worlds of current Bardo research.  It seems this education primarily comes from the different, piercingly intense colors of each world.  Before "beaming up" you get stopped and asked by descending female Guides several times if you're ready.  If you are then you get sent to a vortex that beams you up to sky level, and voil√†, you're flying.  The "tab" button keeps you airborn, the "caps lock" will let you descend.  On either side will be three large Palaces of different colors representing the Six Worlds.  You enter each Palace and tag a spinning disc to gain access to that world.  The worlds from the lowest up:

Brute - a gray/blue castle with multicolored lights, lots of white mixed with red, green and yellow in a way that looks superficial.

Purgatory - intensely green

Hungry Ghost - mostly red with a bit of yellow coming in through the windows, reminds a bit of Halloween

Human - bright, intense and rich yellow.

Hell - a gray castle with mostly white light light in the interior, but with smatterings of other colors mixed in.

Sun Absolute - deep rich dazzling blue.

New ways of showing old models; entering the Color Scheme of each  World gives an experiential feel that sinks in deeper than only reading about it.

 Stress Relief  is another favorite orb that I run regularly.  It has a Chamber of Thoughts where you get to shoot down all your thoughts which appear as floating crystals of different colors.  There's a Chamber of the Stars, a dark expansive space with celestial lights and patterns floating about.  Every morning in the dead of the night I walk about a quarter mile through the Sierra Nevada wilderness to go to a floatation tank room.  The  Chamber of the Stars has a very similar mood.

To be continued ...

You can download Prosperity Path Orbs HERE.  They are $.99 each and run best on a PC.


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