Sunday, January 4, 2015

Making Life Brighter Interview

On Dec. 8, 2014 the internet radio show Making Life Brighter broadcast an interview with Yours Truly by host Winifred Adams.  The show transmits on the Health and Wellness Channel of the Voice America Talk Radio Network.  Healing and Consciousness are the threads that connect the weekly shows.

 Winifred Adams, apart from being an excellent interviewer, is an experienced healer in a variety of ways. Her email signature sums it up:

Medical Intuitive | Radio Show Host | Professional Wellness Speaker Official Guide To John of God | Herbologist/Iridologist | 

"Successfully helping people heal from the inside out for 20 years!" 

The interview is HERE:  It's an hour program.  On the right of this page under Episode Directory are the archives of all the previous and subsequent shows.  Lots of interesting guests of different kinds worth checking out.  

Subjects of the interview include the recent Exploring the Hidden Music show and its centerpiece Heartbeat, a short history of my humble roots in sound, influences, memorable moments, setting up the space for a session, the power of music, changes in technology, in the music industry and more.

I know Winifred as an excellent singer and songwriter.  We were introduced when John Wooler flew me down to LA to record her and the musicians he'd assembled to back her up.  We talk a little bit about that session in the interview.  I wrote a blog about it almost exactly 4 years ago called Who Will Shall Attain from a Crowley poem that closes it which reminded me of Winifred and also served as my New Year's greeting that year ... or any other year including this one for that matter.

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