Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lady GaGa Qabalah

This unexpectedly arrived today from one of the blogs I follow. It comes from the highly respected A.'. A.'. teacher and Thelemic writer Jerry Cornelius.

Well worth reading though I remain very skeptical about his conclusion, Cornelius gives a very good demonstration of Qabalistic analysis. Whether or not Lady Gaga transmits New Aeonic ideas ( I will probably never find out due to the "zero interest" principle), this exegesis contains valuable information on the history of the magical formula Abrahadabra, and the connection of the Chariot (tarot) to the Great Work.

The passage referred to is under the date Thursday July 7th 2011 in case people see this much later than today.

I realize this may appear highly technical to most readers here, but it does show a Qabalah Master in action, and I considered it very timely. Some real gems there including this:

There is a great quote by the FBI profiler Ed Sulzbach regarding the subject of 'coincidance'. He writes, " There really aren't many coincidences in life. And to call coincidence after coincidence after coincidence a coincidence is just plain stupid."

How true, and magicians have long known that in order to understand ourselves we must reflect upon the numerous "coincidences" surrounding our actions, our inner thoughts and Sacred Numbers as if they were signs or guidance.

And now back to our regularly scheduled deprogramming...

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