Friday, July 14, 2023

30th Series of the Phantasm

 Deleuze first presents his interpretation of the concept of the phantasm and its relation to sense in this Series. He comes from a Freudian point of view saying that psychoanalysis is the science of the event. He goes into three characteristics of the phantasm in this series and continues the discussion of it in the next Series.

1. The phantasm is the resultant of an action (outer) and a passion (inner) and represents a pure event. 2. The relationship of the ego to the phantasm 3. The phantasm finds expression in the proposition. It inheres in the infinitive form of the verb. The Aion is the neutral infinitive for the pure event. Objects in the depths he calls simulacra; objects in the heights = idols; objects at the surface = images. Freud's book "Totem and Taboo" is the great theory of the event. You can read it here.

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