Saturday, May 27, 2023

29th Series – Good Intentions Are Inevitably Punished

The 29th Series continues looking at the process of the dynamic genesis. It continues directly from where the 28th Series leaves off speaking of Oedipus as the hero of the surface. The good intentions concerns Oedipus restoring the image of the mother from the depths and evoking the father image of the heights to produce the surface. The surface is where the development of the ego mostly occurs. These intentions inevitably go wrong due to the fragility of the surface. Deleuze references Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle chapter 4 for the development of the ego which he says is essential to the bio-psychic theory of surfaces. The whole book is here, scroll down for chapter 4.
There is a look at what is meant by the image of the phallus and castration. Deleuze looks at what is meant by intention which he says is the moral notion par excellence. He compares intention, willed action, with accomplished action. He also looks at what he means by Image which eventually designates action in general or the pure event. Another concept of Freud's, desexualization, is examined. Freud thought this desexualization nourished he death instinct and conditioned thought. Deleuze cites chapter 4 from The Ego and the Id by Freud. Again, the whole book is here, scroll down to chapter 4:  Deleuze calls the two aspects of desexualization, sublimation and symbolization. 

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