Friday, January 17, 2014

Group Experiment In Astral Projection

 In the next few days a small group of us will launch an experiment to astral project back to the Library of Alexandria and to the Kennedy assassination in Dallas.  This email explains the genesis of the idea:


In November 1994 I took a trip to Egypt.  When I returned I read a lot of Phil Dick, and the idea occurred to me to form a team of astral projectors to recover the Library at Alexandria and to explore the Kennedy assassination.  I mentioned this at Mike Johnson’s blog a few weeks ago and suggested Oz Fritz would probably prove an asset to such a venture. Mike agreed and said he’d like to tag along.  Step by step we gathered here.  Oz has suggested a few texts to help us.  It occurred to me to use music:  the Bach cello suites for Alexandria (inspired by Mike Johnson’s blog) and Beethoven’s Op. 130/133 for Dallas.

We will see what we will see.

Live long and prosper,

The group has 7 members at the moment, all of them quite familiar with the works of Robert Anton Wilson.  You can count on ample, but balanced skepticism as one parameter.  No one seems an expert astral projector yet the group has already yielded some interesting results.

It inspired this brilliant post-modern assemblage by Steve Fly, Astral Projective Verse: Olson, Ophiel and Sun Ra  The whole piece should get read;  here's a paragraph that stood out for me:

To use the imagination, in tandem with the scientific reasoning faculty of the mind-body-language interface to get out there beyond language. Into telepathy, faster than light, everywhere and nowhere at once, the paradox of time-travel etc etc. Into the paradox, and out through the side door, taking bits and pieces of whatever the individual might think can help them on their journey, on the road of life to discover for themselves what the hell is going on. 


 A message I wrote recommending the book and mentioning remote viewing:


Hi everyone,  


I've never really directly experimented with astral projection per se but have done something very similar. I call it remote viewing, you can target spaces like Alexandria and Dallas and usually get gnosis of one degree or another. The difference for me is that with remote viewing you don't have the same sense of being out of your body. I have astral projected spontaneously with the sensation of consciousness getting completely separated from the body. I'm definitely no expert or even good at astral projecting at will, but joined this experiment to try it more and get better. I'll also use remote viewing which is more like second nature from floating. I have tried some of Crowley's astral projection advice in the tank. 


The Art and Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel is a book that E.J. Gold recommends on the subject. I'll dig out my copy when I get back. 


 Practical suggestions from Mike Gathers:


I suggest we put some effort into describing the scene we intend to project ourselves into.  What were the smells, the sights, the sounds, the vibe of the place, the culture space-time vibe, etc, etc.   Imagine our experience as unsuspecting bystanders when Kennedy got shot right in front of us.  The shock.  The panic of the crowd.  Or imagine ourselves as an assassin, or some other player "in-the-know."   The rush.  The thrill of a successful kill.  The getaway.  Imagine the experience of multiple perspectives.   What would it be like to be Kennedy.  Did he have any intuitive warnings about the day.  Or Jackie O.  Or the driver.  Oswald himself.  LBJ.   


I can't speak much for my technical skill at projecting my energy body, but I believe if we immerse ourselves into the experience of imagination, we may find the results we are looking for.


Well, there you have it.  I'll be reporting back.




  1. Can I join. I'm a fellow RAW-phile and I'd like to take part in this experiment as well!

  2. I'm pretty sure the group would be ok with it. Send me your email address and I'll let you know. Send it to:

  3. hey i know this is several years later but would you mind sharing with me how it went???