Monday, June 10, 2013

The Fifth Element

This should have been included in the last post but didn't occur to me then.  A graphic illustration of the power of the Rosy Cross can be seen in the film The Fifth Element.  Though set in the 23rd Century, it seems equally possible now.

To try to gauge public awareness, I once asked a bright-eyed video store employee if he thought the scene where the Fifth Element gets brought to life could ever really happen?  He told me that he thought the ending a deus ex machina, a literary term for a contrived, unexpected ending tacked on to bring a resolution to the plot.  It seems largely thought of as a cheater's way out or a lazy way out of the problem.  However, he seems wrong because the very first English line of the film, spoken by the German archeologist to the young helper holding a reflective surface, predicts or calls for the climatic opening of the Fifth Element that occurs near the end.  That first line also reveals a primary intention behind the Rosy Cross.

All the resistance that Korben Dallas and Leeloo face appears par for the course.

For supplemental reading see the chapter Bringing the Woman to Life from The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus by E.J. Gold.

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