Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here goes with the wildest, most unbelievable claim ever seen on this blog:
Space Junk, the new release by Materialized persuasively demonstrates the ability to transform Watergate ringleader and former U.S. President, Richard ("I Am Not A Crook") Nixon into a good guy.

Actually, what they did was splice a moment of time into their sonic, organic, electronica funk rock landscape sampling Nixon when he gave it up and did indeed sound like an enlightened leader.  It was the occasion of Man first landing on the surface of the  Earth's Moon.  You'll hear it.

Space Junk is a 4 song EP also available on vinyl.  Materialized simultaneously released another 4 song companion EP called Magneto Delicti also available for download or on vinyl.

They are both available here.  Space Junk can be previewed here. Magneto Delicti here

The title track from Space Junk explicates what's implied when you listen to a good piece of music.  Samples from Mission Control of  a NASA rocket launch alerts the listener right away that they will embark upon a trip into Space.

"We have lift-off, we have cleared the tower."

And we're off ... the surface of the Earth driven by a rocket fuel rhythm section outward bound to territories unknown.  We encounter giant stellar beings with mysterious dispositions and unusual topologies communicating to us through the invention of Mr. Moog and the nervous system of Mighty Dave Pellicciaro with some electron reconfiguration ala Brian Eno or Stockhausen for good measure and accurate reception.

The inner space/outer space dichotomy shown in this song recalls the image of two mirrors facing each other with a lit candle (in this case the listener) in between.

Drummer Dale Fanning somehow channels both John Bonham and Ziggy Modeliste in the third song of this ep, No Inbetween, a funky electroharmonic ode with vocals by bassist Carlitos Del Puerto.

The four tracks structure this release like the four cardinal points on an equal armed Celtic Cross, each one offering a unique vision in a different direction. 

In other Materialized news, San Francisco's annual Cosmic Love Ball is set to take place February 9th at the Fillmore.  From its webspace:

"The Cosmic Love Ball is San Francisco's annual celebration of life, love and music. This year's futuristic love circus will feature atmospherically melodic Rubblebucket, perennial Love Ball and genre bending house band Materialized. The North Beach Brass Band will be  kicking the party off with a taste of the Big Easy and the ambassador of east coast disco, DJ Wyllyss will be holding down the decks."

I will materialize there to mix Materialized.

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