Thursday, February 10, 2011

Addis Ababa part 3

Setting up the LCS was relatively easy. The sound company didn't have an RTA mic but after some trial and error we found one that the LCS would read. Playing a cd through the system sounded a thousand times better after the LCS was calibrated even with the BSS House EQ set flat.

Material's soundcheck was smooth and easy in the House with more work needed to get the stage monitors set. Turning up the sax mic, or any other instrument sounded good immediately with minimal eq needed. For the first time, the vocals sounded as they should. Everything seemed in place.

Back at the hotel, with a four hour break, some of us opted to go down to the main market and see the life of Addis outside a luxury hotel. We requisitioned a van and a driver who was known as Six because he had six fingers on one or both of his hands. We called him Deep Six.

The market held a seemingly endless variety of beautiful Ethiopian handicrafts. We picked up souvenirs and gifts for our loved ones back home. Outside the market Six warned us against ever present pick-pockets. He also told us to be careful with our cameras as desperate people will snatch them out of your hands. We kept our visit to the market short and sweet to ensure enough time to eat and rest before the evening's performance.

Back in my hotel room after the day's activities, my body ached more than usual and was somewhat exhausted. A little yoga and some light food brought it back to life.

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